Saturday, September 27, 2008

How it turned out

Okay, so I'm not quite $7.59 richer, but look at all the M&Ms! I promise one of them was an accident. It really was. I'd be $2.00 better off if that guy hadn't sneaked in. It's a long story. . . But this is my blog. I'll go ahead and tell it. I thought that the October coupon applied only to Halloween bags (which I despise, by the way). So I loaded 4 bags of Halloween peanut butter M&Ms into my basket. Then I went and hid while I tore out the appropriate October coupons (another long story, but it's not very interesting), and I noticed that it did not have to be Halloween bags. So I loaded up my basket with 4 normal, much more attractive bags and returned all (or so I thought) of the ugly Halloween bags. I know. The bag style is way too big of a deal to me. Anyhow, I ended up missing one, buying 5 bags of M&Ms instead of 4, and not catching it until I got home. My husband assured me that it was okay; I need not return the delinquent bag. He was confident we could put it to good use.

Anyway, here's how it turned out. They had everything I wanted, so I got:
2 Lipton teas
5 (growl) bags of M&Ms
3 Garnier Fructis shampoos
1 Pert Plus
1 Nivea men's body wash
2 bags of pistachios (which I love)
1 LypSyl lip balm
1 Revlon nail polish.
Used $27.50 worth of coupons.
Used $20 in RRs; put $6.88 on the gift card to finish it up and paid the remaining $6.52.
That's $33.40.
I'll get back (if the Pert Plus thing works) $34.28 in Walgreens cash of one kind or another.
(Incidentally, if the Pert thing doesn't fly, it's $30.44. Still nothing to complain about, you know? The Pert itself was still free on account of the $4.50 in coupons I used for a $3.49 item.)

To see the details on the cost per item and the coupons used, go here (one post down).

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