Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Coupons are appearing in my dreams. I've seen lots and lots of them in the last few days. My family went and stayed with my husband's parents for the weekend. My mother-in-law doesn't clip coupons, but she very kindly saves her Sunday inserts for me. So, I had a big stack of inserts to cut out. I still haven't entered them all into Coupon Central.

To add to the excitement, I'm changing my whole system. I'll still use Coupon Central, but for finding filed coupons, I'm moving from this:

to this:

I like my binder. My husband thinks it's ugly, but he likes the "money" stored inside, so he puts up with it . . . as long as he doesn't actually have to carry it through a store. I learned the binder system primarily through Sarah at Fiddledeedee, my Publix deals resource.

Now back to organizing!

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