Monday, March 2, 2009

It Doesn't Seem Right

To be so attached to a grocery store just seems abnormal. But I LOVE the place. I mean, lots of stores have cheesy mottos, but at Publix, "shopping IS a pleasure."

Paul got a cookie, got to drive a cart. It went well. Now for my trophy. I wish I would have taken a picture, but well, it's a long story. Oh, you want to hear it? Well, this a blog, after all. What better place to share every detail of my life? Okay. It snowed today, and my husband got to go to work late since the bank didn't open until 11:00 on account of the icy roads. After playing in the snow with the kid, we had a late breakfast. But still I knew that was a long time ago, not getting a lunch break and all. So when I got home from Publix, it was like 4:55, and I knew I had to get started on the fried chicken right away since it would take like 45 minutes to cook. So, I turned on the grease, powdered up the chicken, and then put the groceries away. Meanwhile serving Paul a small snack since he hadn't had much since breakfast either. Can you imagine taking time right then to pose my groceries? Anyway, I'm no Keren. She's the queen, but here are the highlights:

Getting paid nine cents to buy tomatoes
70-cent bread
Two and a half pounds of bananas for $.67
The penny item was WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE! Not to totally rub it in to those of you who ended up with organic toilet paper, but this was the coolest penny item ever.

I got a rain check on the yogurt, so I'm looking forward to letting that purchase supplement another trip.

Check it out:
Actual retail price: $47.58
My cost: $13.81
My "savings": 71%

As always, thanks go out to Sarah at Fiddledeedee without whose help I never would have discovered how much a person can enjoy a grocery store.


Deborah said...

We understand the sentiment! :o)

Deborah said...

I'm curious... You said: "Two and a half pounds of bananas for $.67" Clearance? Or does your Publix still accept competitors' Qs? If so, Food Lion Qs? Thanks! :o)

Andrea said...

No. Baby Club produce coupon. It expires 3/22, so I'm trying to use the dairy and deli ones in the next couple of weeks too. The Baby Club certainly encourages large families. (I haven't had the nerve to ask about Food Lion since we don't have one nearby, but they did take a Whole Foods coupon once.)