Monday, January 12, 2009

Publix has outdone itself.

So we all know I like Publix. I go on Mondays because I like surprises. I get it from my mom. So, I waited for Monday to get my Barber Foods chicken, 2 boxes of Special K, and 2 Pepperidge Farm Texas Toasts.

Now, to be fair, I never would have paid regular price for any of that. I would have probably suppressed a chuckle if I saw someone actually plunk down five bucks for one of those boxes of TWO tiny stuffed chicken breasts. But they are really good, and for $1.50, I'll spring. So, when I say I saved whatever, I didn't really. Okay? Let's just be honest. Take the cereal, for example. I didn't save $2.99. I would eat Cream of Wheat every day before I'd pay four bucks for a box of cereal. I saved like 89 cents. If Special K hadn't been a dollar a box at Publix, I would have gotten Happy Harvest or Special Sunshine or whatever Aldi calls their cereal. But savings are much higher if you take the receipt's word for it, so I'll tell you what it said.

Reguar Price for my stuff: $27.29
My Price for my stuff: $5.67
Savings! 79%

But when I say they outdid themselves, I mean this. I ask the clerk, "Do you have the penny item here, or should I go to customer service?" She's got it there. What does she grab? A box a hot chocolate packs. I think, "Oh cool. This is way better than Saltines. . ." But I don't get to finish my thought before she grabs another box of hot chocolate packs. Let me get this straight. I just lowered my bill by $6 in manufacturer coupons, and you are selling me hot chocolate for half a cent a box? You are so nice! Like I said, I love surprises. The penny deal will keep me coming.

That's my Publix super savings.

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Deborah said...

The mystery item at "my" Publix was a bag of Spice Drops - not as exciting as two boxes of hot chocolate, but still free - and a necessary ingredient for popcorn cake. I almost didn't make a Publix run, but your posting (and coupon links at Fiddledeedee) prompted me to take advantage of the same deals! Thanks!