Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What $1.16 Buys

Good afternoon. My New Year's Resolution was not to post more often on this blog, but maybe my resolve in other areas will spill over and you'll hear from me a little more.

But no use dwelling on the past. I got:

a box of tissues
a bottle of dish soap
a bottle of shampoo
and a pint of Ben and Jerry's

for $1.16.

I even got confused at the register, so I'm not sure I could explain it. But the ice cream was free. I wish you could have seen my husband's face when I said, "Would you rather have cookies or ice cream for dessert?" at lunch today. (Now this was in code--a mixture of Spanglish and spelling--since the 17-month-old wasn't granted suffrage on Wednesday's dessert vote. Soon the Spanglish will be useless, but we'll talk about that later.)

So anyway, then he said, "What kind of ice cream?"
"Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup," I replied to the king of all peanut butter lovers.

That's when I wish you could have seen his face.

So, I'll tell you what coupons I used, but there was too much ringing and re-ringing for me to be sure what was going on. But it was $1.16, and that was about what I expected, so hey.

Okay, $3 Ben and Jerry's coupon (I'm sure you've seen this one floating around. I'd link to it, but I've heard it's gone. I'm learning to be selective in my coupon printing as well as learning to jump on the one's I want. I didn't realize at first that the printables run out.)
$1 Garnier coupon
$2 Garnier ESQ
2 in-ad Qs for Puff and Palmolive.

Happy day.

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