Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Afraid Even Walgreens Disappoints

So, I found online all these claims that WGs would give me 3 8x10 photos. Sweet. I ordered three cute ones we had in our computer, but upon arriving, they informed me that only one would be free. I knew they'd probably run the deal again, so I turned down the offer to take home the other 2 for just $2.50 each. If reading the fine print would have helped, I'd be advising myself to do that next time. Oh well. No way will I bad-mouth them for only one free picture though. ;-)

Alas, I arrived this morning an hour and three minutes after they opened and was too late to pick up a free hairdryer. Oh well. I have two already. I was going to use this one as a gift . . . sometime.

There's always next week, eh? The fun continues. . .

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Here's my Walgreens debriefing.

Actually, if it hadn't been for your timely posts showing up in Google Reader, I would've forgotten my plans for a second trip!

So - THANKS for posting!