Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clean Day

We're not overly ambitious on Clean Day. As you can see, we had some challenges to begin with.

(By the way, this is the "Making your Home a Haven Challenge" for those of you just tuning in.) I called it "Vacuum and Mop Day" thinking that would make my 15-month-old more into it. Since mopping is his favorite pastime. No seriously. It really is. See?

So anyway, it was a grouch morning for him, despite all the mopping and vacuuming and playing of Baby Einstein peppy music and my serenading him with today's variation on the well-known Hoops and Yoyo anthem "Happy Sunny Day."

Though not what I would describe as dripping profundity, the song has the advantage of being an easy text to memorize, and it is adaptable to any weather I've tried it out on. For example. Today is one of those gloriously rainy, cool-leafy-colored fall days that invites one to enjoy home and family. So the song goes:
"It's a happy rainy day, happy rainy day, happy rainy day (ad infinitum)
And we're playing the accordion!"
Again the subtle brilliance of the song is that one need not actually be playing the accordion to enjoy the happiness of the rainy . . . or sunny, or cloudy, or windy, or whatever day one is currently experiencing. Incidentally, if one has never seen the e-card, one is quite mystified, I have no doubt.

But I digress. So it's only (much needed) morning nap time, and we've already done three-fifths of the list items. The other ones I must needs begin anon as Paul is unable to assist in coupon filing or list/menu making. Hmm. There's bound to be something else to clean. . .

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Deborah said...

I’ve enjoyed your blog posts… I didn’t hear of the challenge soon enough to join, but I might assign it to myself over the next few weeks on days when I’m not at the office. Funny thing is, as I perused Monica’s posts, I noticed that I’d already begun some of those tasks (e.g. clothes for Elizabeth now, clothes for her later, etc.) But the ubiquitous piles of “stuff” always seem to get in the way of the goal for a homey appearance! Now I understand why we as Americans living in America love big houses – with LOTS of closets so we don’t drive ourselves crazy as we accumulate stuff! (And much of that is legitimate accumulation that is tied closely to frugality.) Sigh…

By the way, I linked to your blog again this evening (thanking you for the part you've played in my becoming a couponing fan!) I just had to post about my Walgreens experiences today!