Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home a Haven

Here's a time- and sanity-conserving week of workouts I decided to participate in. (I'm a couple of days behind, and I probably won't have many pictures, but you can look at other people's.)

The "Making your Home a Haven" challenge is going on at The Homespun Heart. This blogger makes me feel like a neanderthal house-keeper (in a very gentle, loving way). To call her Martha Stewart appears to be something of an insult. But we'll never grow if we don't challenge ourselves, so I've subscribed to her feed to see if I can learn something. (Currently, I have curtains on exactly one window in my home; Monica makes her own decorations for the music stand of her piano.)

This particular challenge caught my attention, and I decided to join in. Today for me was "Tidy Day." With a little help from Paul, I bulldozed through my list by lunch-time. Well, I have one computer thing left to do and the laundry to fold, but after that I have the afternoon to add to the Tidy List and maybe start on the Clean List. But I'd also like to take a walk with Paul. We'll see how things go.

So, I'd encourage you to hop over to Monica's blog, and see how her week of Home-Haven making is going. I love haven-like homes, and I know it's worth the effort!

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