Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week Off

I know, if you're here, you're thinking, "You just took more than a week off. What gives?" Well, frankly, there hasn't been much I've been compelled to blog. I used to try to come up with a post a day, and that was fun. And challenging. But I've fallen down on the job lately, and I'm okay with that. But I do intend to keep up blogging intermittently for a while here. Although, there are some life changes ahead that will significantly alter the blog's contents. But hopefully resource conservation will continue to be a goal of mine.

But by "week off" I mean a week off of Walgreens. And CVS, and any other coupon/deal/stock-up that might be available. I'm leaving town tomorrow, and I'll be way too busy the rest of this week packing, flying, rehearsing, and Maid-of-Honoring to think about CVS. If there were any where I'm going--which there aren't. There are Walgreenses, but who wants to lug free household goods across the country in limited luggage space? Oh wait. That's what I'm doing with the stuff I picked up for my mom out here. Well, anyway. I'm planning to skip it next week at any rate. I'm even leaving my coupon binder at my house.

And here's a funny thing I've noticed about myself. Having a bunch of coupons totally changes the way I shop, even when they're not with me. We were in Target Friday night, and I'm like, "Under no circumstances will I purchase anything. I don't have my coupons." (But then we did get a good deal on Starbucks coffee, but I know I don't have Starbucks coupons. I'd remember that.)

I think it will be like that next week. "Oh. What a great price on shampoo. It'd be free if I had. . ." Oh well. There's always the week after, right?

And, this other bit of miscellany for Deborah's benefit: I used every cent of my gift card this month. All $108.76 from September and October was consumed on various necessaries (mostly cheese, I think). But the good news is, I spent only $1.04 out of pocket on . . . uhh, cheese on Saturday, and I shouldn't have to shop at Walgreens until I get my November reload. I'll have to be careful in December. I haven't even checked out those deals yet.

Okay, hopefully that gets us all caught up. I'll see you all next month!

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Deborah said...

Awesome! Great job! You've been a real inspiration to me. You really are my couponing hero ~ I mean, I actually know you in real life and not just through a blog!