Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from vacation

Howdy. Vacation was great, if not exactly as expected. Ever had to quietly slip off the stage of a wedding due to sudden illness? Oh. Well, I have. Thankfully another bridesmaid thought to follow me down before I made off with the groom's ring.

Anyway. California is still itself and still home to some great people. (One fewer now that the wedding is over and she moved out this way, but who's counting?) So, the only problem was being there on November 28 with way too much to do to consider ducking into a drugstore for merchandise that was being handed out for the taking. And there aren't any CVSes for miles and miles. But I'm over it. I've got a stack of coupons to cut, enter, and file, and a whole week to enjoy drugstores to my heart's content.

And now, I have even more reason to be stockpiling toiletries, but more about that later.

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