Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YardFest 2009, Part 1

How about a series? Sound fun? Okay. I'll run a short series of live updates on the progress of my yard sale.

Ad. For those of you in my area (you know who you are), be sure to tell your friends and family to stop by at 8:00 on the 14th for the best merchandise, or at 11:30 or so for the hot dogs. . . or both. End of ad.

I'm having a Valentines Day yard sale. I'll be selling, in addition to the usual yard sale staples, heart-shaped treats and cookies with red sprinkles. We're also planning to grill up a few hot dogs at lunch time.

A friend of mine, "Hi Deborah!" is coming along and contributing some of her items. Which is a huge plus, because, though we've got way more than necessity demands, we've had only four years in smallish dwellings to accumulate. It wouldn't be a very large wing-ding if I was by myself. But with some help from Deborah and my sister, it's going to be quite respectable.

So far I've spent $16.96 on advertising and food. I think I'm done, but I'll let you know.

Yard sale advice for me, anyone?

Next up: My brilliant (I hope) idea that I've never seen anyone else do.

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