Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YardFest 2009, Part 2

The weather continues ominous.

But it's only Wednesday. Today was run-around day. Not much was accomplished toward the yard sale except buying another piece of poster board for signs.

Progress thus far:
Identified nearly everything we want to sell.
Priced nearly everything we want to sell.
Recruited fellow participants from far and near.
Purchased hot dogs and dessert ingredients.
Made 3 signs.
Discovered it is against county ordinance to post said signs on utility poles. (Like everyone else does. But. If everyone else jumped off a cliff. . .)
Diagrammed intended yard layout for the set-up crew, i.e. other participants and me.

Progress not yet made:
Tomorrow's house day. I intend to stay here until late afternoon. No grocery stores. No drug stores. No doctor appointments. Just stay here, enjoy Paul, hopefully depose James II (see here, if that's bizarre to you), clean the house for company, move all the yard sale stuff that will fit into the laundry room, close the laundry room door and pretend it's not part of our house until Saturday. The goal is to be ready to set up by the end of Thursday so I can devote Friday to sign posting (still brainstorming on that one--ideas?) and dessert making.

Oh yeah. My brilliant idea. Okay. I confess. I probably built this up a little too much. I've never seen it done, but I have no doubt that my fellow Frugal-Blog-Goers have done this at every yard sale they've held. Drum roll please. I'm selling coupons. I clipped them, categorized them, bundled them, and priced them. They're the coupons I didn't think I would use from this past Sunday's paper. Like dog food. Think it'll work?

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